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The Trade Secret

For those of you who don’t know me, let me start by explaining my personality…

· I am self-motivated

· I am goal orientated

· I don’t back down from a challenge

· And I am incredibly efficient

Now I started with explaining these qualities because each of these are what drives me to provide service for my clients.

As the title suggests I want to talk about Contractors who run businesses and the services I am providing to assist them in having more of their own time back, maximizing their profit and setting up their paperwork from commencement of the project.

Now I get it, you have always done what you do now, but have you ever wondered if you could be making a little bit more profit, have more time with your family instead of quoting or wish you presented a more organized front for a client or Main Contractor?

After all, good business leads to referrals and a great project outcome.

During my time as a Project Engineer & Contract Administrator I met them every day. The business who would…

1. email you a rate per m2 for the whole project and let you work out their project quote or progress claim break down

2. let you tell them their m2 for the claim each month because they didn’t know

3. be unsure of their overall profit on completed projects

4. be unsure of the rates to price projects

5. spend each night quoting after spending 10 hours on site running the job

This week I have started working with 2 Businesses to assist with the items listed above. The thing that I have noticed is that most successful businesses are often run by a Tradesman who hates quoting. SO, what if you didn’t have to do it?

You could forward the contract documents, go off to work and within an agreed timeframe you would receive a quote itemized for your review & I will even submit the quoting on your behalf.

Maybe you don’t want to discuss rates, that’s ok too. I can measure the project and make recommendations on quantities for you to finalize the quote.

I would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss how I can assist your business in all aspects of estimating, project documentation preparation, procurement, contract administration or Project Management.

Let me provide a solution that works for your business.

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