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Industry Disruption

One of my goals for 2019 was to read more. Currently I am reading "Ready to Soar" by Naomi Simson. Overnight I read about the disruption that Uber has caused to the transport industry or to be more direct the Taxi companies. I don't know about you but Uber has been a very welcome addition to my life for easy transport without a physical cash transaction and I love getting my favourite takeaway on the weekend direct to my door.

Now in Construction one of the changes I immediately think of is modular construction. Last year I heard about Hickory's delivery of Prefabricated Building Systems constructing High Rises up to 50% faster as well as their Pod Bathrooms now being used in Cairns on high rise projects.

A lot of time is being invested in Plant or Equipment to be used in Construction such as Concreting and Block laying machines. Mining has also moved some of their operations to Automation of machinery. Most of our local Retail giants are now using Self Checkout systems and offering Home delivery.

This morning Managing Director Nick Deeks of WT Partnerships popped up in my Linked in feed discussing Transport and how we can turn infrastructure Project into Development Opportunities utilizing the Air space over many of the future transport networks. I can't wait to see how this post influences current and future transport projects in major cities.

So as we continue to review existing practices and innovate, what's next? I would love to hear your thoughts by commenting on the blog.

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