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Three things that turn women off construction careers - and its not the work

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I love that we have identified the issues associated with keeping women working within the Construction industry. If we don't identify the problems, we can't do something to fix it.

I have had discussions with girlfriends about how the prospect of children could potentially change your career. As one friend put it, "I feel like you are either in Construction or you are out."

The Construction industry demands long hours and commitment to do what it takes to meet project goals. I know plenty of dads working hard in construction who would love to have a flexible work environment. The ability to have each weekend off to be with their family, the option to drop the kids off or collect them from school. A lot of these men are working this way to provide for their families or because this is the expectation.

I would like to see companies encouraged to take on Female Apprentices to boost Trade numbers for the future and flexibility for all the Construction Workers. I would like to make Construction a career of choice for generations to come so they can build a better future.

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